‘ incredible things tend to come in pieces ‘

That’s a little quote I wrote on my bedroom wall back when I was a high school student, living smackdab in the middle of picket-fenced, green-grassed, smell the flowers kind of suburbia.

I was grateful to be living in a safe, quiet neighbourhood. Really. Truly. However, the tick-tock-ticking that goes on in one’s head when surrounded by safe solitude can drive someone mad – from their quiet and safe home to the loud clanging noises of the city.

This madness brought me to Ottawa. Not a particular large city by any means, but still a city, with lots of cars and buses and some tall buildings, a few Parliament buildings here and there, and a body of water, starting from the Canal straight to the Ottawa River. It was far enough away from home that I felt I could truly be tested for my independence and strength, and yes, it really did.

Now, in my fourth year of studying Fine Arts at the University of Ottawa, I’ve come to appreciate the tiny, little specks that are so easy to miss or step over.


The details are what transform a nice jacket into a tailored jacket. With the right details, a rock picked up from the ground can become a classic paperweight, a coffee into a latte, a cracker into a biscuit.

                              ‘ at every step you take, you collect new pieces, and add them to the puzzle.

the second part of the quote on my bedroom wall – looking back, I’m realizing now that I actually had the definition of how life works, right at the age of 16.

                             ‘ Sometimes us humans don’t like slow motion, so we’ll take big steps, even some leaps. By doing so, we’ll miss some small little details. ‘

                             ‘ We won’t notice these things until later, when things seemed to have gone wrong. The problem?   We move too fast. The solution? Go back and search for that missing piece. Every puzzle has a few mess-ups. ‘


I’m tellin’ ya. It’s all in the details.

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