Oh My Gourd!

Gourds! That was the next step to my installation.

I mean, I like to call them pumpkins, because gourds just sounds really kind of ghoulish. Gourds? I think of boils, and green skin and maybe a couple of scary witches – a great term for halloween, but these pumpkins were not here to service an installation on this ghoulish holiday.

Anyway, a couple months ago, I hit a roadblock. Instead of dwelling on it, I decided to go for a walk in hope of finding some inspiration on the streets of Ottawa. Within 5 minutes, I saw someone walking down the street, holding a pumpkin.

Lightbulb! Kaching!

I went down to the Byward Market, where I knew there were carts selling pumpkins of all sizes. Almost immediately, I found one set-up selling mini-gourds of all kinds of weird shapes – Jackpot? Mmmhmmmm.

I went back to my studio and then proceeded to bedazzle these gourds with glitter, glue, fake pearls and jewels.

The result :


And this was just the beginning.

4 thoughts on “Oh My Gourd!

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