Precious, Little Gourds

Gourds… that word is starting to grow on me.

In my last post, I introduced the idea of bedazzling gourds. After becoming very sentimental towards them, I was tickled by the idea that these gourds would eventually rot, disintegrate – they were not permanent statues of “beauty”. After much thought on whether or not I wanted these gourds to stay temporary, or if I wanted to somehow “make” them “permanent”, I eventually decided on the latter.

The only way I knew how to keep them somewhat permanent is through photography – photos of them could somehow transcribe them into a temporary permanent-ness. Interesting juxtaposition, because while I could contain their beauty in photographs, eventually these photographs would be ruined, accidentally discarded, or… I mean, the world might just disintegrate! Who knows?

Either way, the next step to taking these dollar-worth gourds, re-authenticating them through re-creating them and attempting to contain their beauty as much as possible was through photography.

The result was this:



They look like portraits, don’t they? Landscape-format, not even of people, and yet, and yet, in that first photo, I see an old lady, adorned with all her jewellery, and in that second photo, I see a child wearing a ballerina outfit on halloween day.

These gourds aren’t just silly little pumpkins that you can cut into to make ghoulish faces – to me, they are another venture into a re-authentication of little details.

4 thoughts on “Precious, Little Gourds

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