the patina of architecture

A few weeks ago, I decided to go for a short walk along the Ottawa Canal before any snow decided to pop on by. When you enter the Canal from Laurier Avenue, you can go two directions : North, or South. Should you choose North, you’re bound to walk past the Fairmont Chateau Laurier, subsequently alongside (albeit below) the Parliament buildings, all the way down to Mill St. Brewery (More on that later!). On the other just as fabulously if not more subtle hand, is South – this direction takes you past the outdoor summer patio alongside the avid sunbathers and tight-rope walkers, down to Pretoria Bridge, all the way to mid-surbuban-mid-uptown-hip-yet-still-leave-it-to-beaver-chic homes.

Either way, during this particularly “fresh” and “crispy-aired” walk, I went in neither direction.

Psych! There’s a third option!

It’s right AT Laurier Avenue, on the spiral staircase that leads you down to the Canal entrance on Colonel By Drive. You see, I was SUPPOSED to go for a walk, but I ended up finding myself blissfully paralyzed on this spiral staircase, as I took photos of the Laurier Bridge & stairwell that rests just above the Canal itself.

Some of the photos have a sort of magenta overcast… I’m fine with this, as I felt it sort of eased the tension of the serious architectural properties.





And then I went to walk down the stairs… turned around and WOOMP! These shots hit me like a fish on dry ground!

final1 final2



I normally appreciate the subtlety of colours, thus preferring not to up any contrast… But I think the brilliant rustic colours on these architectural structures inspired me to really up the ante on the colour scheme. I think I may have went a little wild in the next couple of photos … but hey, I’d rather colourful excitement over flat and bland …. ness.



What went from a walk on the canal turned into a full-out photo-shoot, all the while standing within a max of 2 metres for every shot. Details!

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