a dash of fine & a spritz of food


I’ve always found this term to be a little peculiar and ironic – it’s supposed to mean the art of fine foods, or simply the study of food and culture. But instead, it runs the risk of sounding just downright… gassy! Pardonnez-moi.

However, there is something a little catchy about having a… gastronomic experience.

NEVERTHELESS, I’m sure the term will grow on me, just as the Gourds did (found here and here) … I’ve found myself becoming increasingly interested in the concept of Fine Foods being an art. Because, really, it is.

A dash of this, a spritz of that, a little sploosh of this …. Alright, the last one I may have made up, but you get the idea.

The art of cooking becomes a little dance – you’re gliding from the counter to the sink, sailing from the sautéd onions to the cut up peppers. You’re putting your whole body into it, as you grate the cheese, and you’re exercising your wrist, as it folds over all the ingredients into one delicious meal.

I’ve worked at a restaurant before (Brothers Beer Bistro) – the energy you feel when entering the kitchen is, at times, ecstatic. Everyone loves what they’re doing, because they’re dancing with the food and the result is a happy guest, and full appetites. There was  a quote once said by Julia Child – ‘ People who love to eat are always the best people’.

Well amen to that!

I’m hoping to document instances of Fine Foods in the next few months – I’m really wishing to capture it’s essence, the soul and life one can achieve through a simple, yet complex plate of not only ingredients, but fruitful desires and just an overall… gastronomic experience.


Pictured above is an instagram photo I took of a meal I had at Brothers Beer Bistro – the ‘Spaetzle’ (english muffine spaetzle, sous-vide egg, confit pork belly, roasted tomato, arugula, goat cheese).

Two words : Deeee – lish!

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