I have a confession to make – I love all things Christmas.

It’s not about the gifts.

It’s about the colour, and the warm lights, the hot cocoa, and the way the snow seems to warm up in everyone’s presence.

I recently found a film camera (very similar to this one here) at Value Village for a mere ten dollars – If you’ve ever seen the Ikea commercial where the lady feels as though she is stealing her purchases due to their modest prices, then you’ll know exactly how I felt as I slipped outside with this camera.

The result? A total obsession with film photography! I started off with taking pictures of my very first, self-purchased, real christmas tree – I named him Charley, of course. (dedicated to a recently read book, Travels With Charley).

Fujicolour, ISO 400 . . .

colour001 colour004 colour004notcropped

And then I couldn’t resist but peak into the details of my beloved Charley with some classic black and white film (Ilford Delta, 400 ISO) . . .

014 img016 015

H o w   d o   y o u r   d e c o r a t e   Y O U R   c h r i s t m a s   t r e e ?

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