quiet, whispering sirens

If there’s one thing I truly enjoy, it’s going for walks.

I think this appreciation for fresh-aired walks started at the age of 13 – I had just gotten my very first point & shoot digital camera, and boy was I in such awe of this piece of technology. The age of digital photography had just started to make an appearance in my life and I remember having this feeling of wonderment, as I realized that you could take more than the typical set of 24 photos and be able to immediately upload them straight to your computer.

What? I can take more than 24 photos and actually see what they look like, right then and there on the spot? That’s crazy.

I think I like going for walks, because they give me the opportunity to think about whatever I want, without feeling restless, or anxious, or simply just ‘buzzy’.

About a month ago, I went for a quick walk to campus so that I could upload some more photographs I had taken. Before I left home, I decided to spontaneously grab my recently purchased film camera, already filled with a roll of colour film.

W O W Z A !

I was so happy, because on my way there, I not only passed by a firetruck retreating back into its garage, but also an ambulance randomly strolling through campus.

There is something about these photographs that really speak to me. They remind me of my 13 year old self, going for 2 hour long walks with my trusty point & shoot, taking pictures of sunsets, or homes in the midst of construction, or cars whizzing by.

I also find humour in the idea that while this reminds me of those walks at 13 years old, I ironically took these photos with a film camera – a medium that had originally swayed me from photography at that point in my life.


ambulance2 ambulance3{ the white balance is all off in the first three photos . . . I fixed them up a little bit, but decided to keep some of the weird overcasts, because the lighting itself was pretty quirky. Some yellow from the street lights, and some red, yellow, & blue from the actual ambulance. What do you think? }

firetruck2 firetruck3 firetruck4{ And if only I knew these two individuals in the next photo so I could send them a copy . . . }


And as I bid adieu, I leave you with some humble words –

when in doubt, grab your camera, folks.

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