Fake Pearls, Real Cans

A few posts ago, I spoke of my first installation piece. (here, here, and here!)

Installation pieces are a little tricky – they are 3-dimensional pieces that often use the room/surrounding environment itself as part of the art. An example could be Maman, by Louise Bourgeois – the looming, tantalizing spider found outside the National Gallery of Canada, situated right here in good ol’ Ottawa.

It started with the Gourds. Bedazzled gourds, really – I bought a bunch of gourds for a total of 3 dollars, and then attempted to re-authenticate them in my own way, through painting, glueing and bedazzling.

AND THEN – something happened.

I looked over and saw an empty can of coke. The hamster started running around in my head, and the gears started turning.

The result?

Well . . .

cokecan3 cokecan2 cokecan1

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