two senses & a whole lotta scarves

I have a deep love for colour, texture, and shape. These are the 3 elements that envelope my everyday life, whether it be in the swirls of cream in my americano (no shame in sounding like a coffee snob… life’s short!), the architecture surrounding me on the street, or even a beet-stained napkin. Colour, texture, and shape can help us indulge in 2 of our senses – sight, and touch.

. . .Without these two senses, I would be lost as an artist. I paint, take photographs, and find absolute beauty in the aesthetics of life through these two senses, and for that, I am truly grateful for the privileges I have that are so easy to dismiss. It’s funny how the wear ‘n tear of something novel can lead to feelings of banality. I try to pamper all my senses on a daily account, as it helps bring me back to the moment I am in, right. . . now. It’s all about the spritz of details.

Tell me, peeps, do you take in the moments? Breathe in the fresh air, feel the cashmere, taste the roasted coffee beans, hear the birds, see the clouds? Now is your chance to nod and say, yes! Yes I do!

. . .And with that, I present to you, these snapshots :

scarves1 scarves2 scarves3 scarves4 scarves5 scarves6 scarves7

Keep on feelin’, folks! Emotions, senses, and all things in between . . .

One thought on “two senses & a whole lotta scarves

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