limes, anyone?

I find that colour is such an integral part of our lives, and yet it can be so easy to miss. There are studies upon studies on colour, and its impact on our lives, in terms of our emotional and mental states. As an interior design fanatic, I find that colour truly does influence how we feel. Last week, I was talking to my boss about light and its different frequencies  . . . different colours have a different impacts on us, because of their frequencies (colours are basically light in different frequencies). (And yes, we genuinely enjoy these conversations – nerds unite!). So that’s why a bright, ecstatic red may generate feelings of aggression and ambition, while a charcoal grey may lull us to sleep.

While I love all colours of the rainbow, a colour I find myself continually drawn to is green – teal, mint, lime . . . any kind of green will do, really. Green is seen as the colour of “healing”. Out of all the chakras, green is the heart chakra . . . There’s something about these aspects that I find to be very soothing. And that is why, after using a piece of paper towel to wipe off some green paint  . . . I decided to keep this scrap, and then photograph it. There’s also something about the shape that I find to be very appealing . . . Fishy, anyone? ; ]

IMG_6526 IMG_6538


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