dirty ledge


On the same day I took the photos in the post ‘quiet moments‘, I also encountered the following photos on yet another ledge. (These visual art building window ledges sure seem to collect a lot of . . . fanciful dirt?)

IMG_6727 I used a kenko tube attachment for these photos (as well as for the ‘quiet moments‘ ones!) . . . the result is a bit of a hazy ‘n lazy look to them, I find. A kenko tube is an attachment you make between your camera and the lens – the result is an achieved ‘macro look’.  I personally love using kenko tubes, as they REALLY find the details in things. When I took these photos, the camera lens was about 1 nose-hair away from the subject matter – talk about details.IMG_6741 IMG_6742 I started out in photography, because I was in admiration of the ability a camera can document something in a way that the eye cannot – I feel these photos prove just exactly that. In the first photo, this block of black paint & ‘____?’ hold different textures – and yet, to the naked eye, I had no idea this was the case. Photography, macro photography specifically in this case, has this insane ability to really capture a moment, or a thing, that would have otherwise remained overlooked and unnoticed. And that is why photography will forever be a dazzling approach to the world in my life.IMG_6744 IMG_6745 IMG_6752& on that note  . . .

Remember : messes and dirty clutter can sometimes hold the same amount of beauty as a dazzling set of diamonds!

One thought on “dirty ledge

  1. Hei, Danielle: When we were in Las Vegas last week we visited two galleries featuring the work of photographer Peter Lik. We had never heard of this person but his work is really quite remarkable in its quality as well as in the prices that he is seemingly able to charge for his works; he numbers so that they become limited edition prints that apparently increase in value over time as the photo artist’s fame and popularity increases.

    Your interest in texture as well as colour suggests to me that you will find his work pretty neat.

    Bill H.

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