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” Darlings is a compass of endearing oddities – one that entails of sculptural and photographic works, generated to discuss the notion of value and how it can be altered through the re-appropriation of the object and the present space in which it is presented. By means of bricolage, assemblage and collage, this installation piece highlights feelings of cherishment for the humble materials ordinarily overlooked or disposed of – pumpkin-gourds are adorned with sparkling jewels, beer bottles are re-constructed into wonky and amusing figurines, and other such materials have been altered as a way to ‘regain’ authentication. The result is a community of endearing ‘little ones’, raised onto teetering platforms and clustered together into the corner of a room. Darlings is a celebration of the overlooked and a gala of the whimsical. ”

1_Havimaki_Darlings 2_Havimaki_Darlings_detail 3_Havimaki_Darlings_detail 4_Havimaki_Darlings_detail 5_Havimaki_Darlings_detail


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