ME  ? I’m just Danielle :


This is me in a nutshell. (or a self-photobomb-style lighting room).











I’m looking for a way to document all the little details I find myself continually bumping into. Details are all around us, and what better way to embrace the ‘ littles ones’ than to simply share em with y’all?

I grew up in suburbia just North of Toronto, and then moved to Ottawa for my undergrad in Fine Arts, with a minor in Communication studies. My program has given me the unbelievable chance to have access to the best equipment, the best labs, and the best people.

I believe that for some people, choosing a program that gives way to a relatively clear and definite path in terms of career-choices upon graduation is the best option. Sometimes people just know exactly what they want. I, however, tend to enjoy the anxiety one gets when faced with a fork in the road – this led me in deciding to go into a program that would allow me to reach into a variety of interests, thus allowing me to really ‘ dip my toes’ in all kinds of pools.

The result was an interest in photography, film, drawing, painting, sculpture (sort of), installation pieces (still a huge novelty to me though), writing, and just an overall knowledge of art theories, global issues, style & fashion, and of course… the little details.

And thus, began the creation of this blog. I’m hoping to foster a stage for the littles ones to shine, even if it’s just for you and me. I believe in the missed little bumps being the roots to the ‘ big ideas’.

SO, on that note…

CHEERS! to the little ones.

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