Mould, ma belle

I’ve always been particularly intrigued by how far one can push this idea of “beauty”. What exactly IS beauty? Part of the reason as to why I started this blog revolved around the idea of beauty, and how you can find it in even the smallest of details… and the best part, is these details are all around us!

The word “S P R I T Z” jumped out at me because of its connotations. What do you picture when you see that word? How does it feel on the tip of your tongue? Drag out the S’sssssssss, let it sizzle on your tongue and roll it forward. I picture lemons & limes SPRITZING … in all directions.

And that was why I chose spritz, over any other word to pair up with details. Because details are all around us, in all directions, from all different angles – beauty is all subjective, and that in-itself is the beauty of it!

With this little tidibit, I choose to share with you all two photos that I recently took this month.


what is it?


Long story short – I had painted some gourds, as mentioned in previous posts (HERE, HERE, & HERE !) … Well this little gourd I had painted with oil paints… While acrylic paints (sometimes compared to being “plastic”) seemed to enclose the gourds, the oil paint (sometimes associated with being organic) seemed to engulf the gourd and become a part of it. When I came home from the holidays, this gourd was found atop this piece of paper towel, sunken and squishy.

The painted gourd had actually imprinted itself onto the piece of paper towel and created this delicate “painting” of… MOULD! The combination of this royal blue/violet had mixed in with the yellow and orange of the gourd and created this beautiful arrangement of colours. I am in love with this gourd, as mould is normally seen as a disaster, a cause of illness – but in this case, that same material has created these beautiful colours, tones & variations.

Naturally, I put the mouldy gourd into a plastic bag and nailed it to the wall. At least it doesn’t smell that way, right?

If any of you would like to receive a copy of either of these photos, please feel free to contact me (HERE!). I believe that beauty should be shared, no matter the subject.

Happy Friday, folks!

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